Search: By airport name, IATA code, city, county, country or region. To save you time, we keep your last visited airports on the front page. If you can’t find an airport, contact us using the contact form and we will look to add it. 

Current average wait time: The airport’s latest average security queue wait time. If the airport has multiple queues, we display the average of them. If you want a more granular view that includes wait times for individual queues, take a look at the terminal level wait times. We regularly update each airport’s data,  but make sure you click the “i” icon to check when the last update was made.

Terminal level wait times: The latest security queue wait time for individual terminals. Click on the terminal to access more information at the terminal level. Please note that this data is not available for all airports. We are working to expand this functionality to as many airports as possible.

Historical wait times: The typical wait time on different days and times over the past 30 days. Click the filter at the top right of the graph to cycle through the days of the week.

Add a security queue wait time: How was your airport security experience? Contribute to the community by inputting your wait time. This feature is only available for airports where Qsensor does not automatically track data. To add a wait time, simply click the “Add Your Time” button on the airports page and follow the instructions.

add time button

Please note that this data is monitored and may be modified or deleted if found to be invalid.

Click the “i” icon to view and take note of more contextual information on each airport. “Airport Last Updated” denotes the last time the data was refreshed.

Our sources for wait time data vary and may include federal agencies such as the TSA and CATSA or information from the airport and its affiliated service providers. For airports Qsensor does not track automatically, we source data from passengers that have inputted their wait time using the “Add Wait Time” button.

Qsensor is not affiliated with any airport, airline or associated service provider.

Although we regularly check queue times for accuracy. All times are estimates and waiting times may not accurately reflect your experience. It is advisable to arrive at the airport well in advance and follow the recommendations of the airlines and airports.

There are a wide array of ways that queue data is measured. Including but not limited to looking at how long a passenger takes to get from scanning their boarding pass to exiting the security area. Auditing passengers on how long it took them to pass through security as well as Qsensors’ proprietary system for user added wait times. 

We currently support 234 airports worldwide, for 83 of those, we track the wait times automatically. Whether it be London Heathrow, Istanbul or Miami – we have got you covered. More are added all the time. Is Qsensor missing an airport that you want supported? We are more than happy to accommodate your request, get in touch via the contact form

Qsensor automatically track a variety of airports including: London Heathrow, Frankfurt, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta, Chicago O’Hare, Amsterdam Schiphol, Kempegowda Bangalore, Madrid Barajas, Hong Kong, Istanbul and many more!


Just English for now, but we plan on expanding to more languages.

Send the request via the contact form below:

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Make sure you include the name of the airport and it’s IATA code in your request!

To keep wait times relevant, the message “There is currently no data for this airport.” is shown when no traveller has recently inputted a wait time.

add time button

For airports Qsensor automatically tracks, this message may also be shown if we haven’t recently gotten data from the airport. This typically rectifies itself within 12 hours.

If you have a suggestion for an airport you want tracked or feature added, share it via the contact form.

Any and all feedback is appreciated <3

Please review the T&Cs and privacy policy.

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This FAQ section is updated periodically, please check back for updates. This FAQ was last updated on November 20th 2023.